Letter of Credit Instructions

  • Deviations from the approved language are not permitted.
  • Expiration dates are not permitted because there is an “evergreen” clause stated in Provision 1.
  • In order to be acceptable, a letter of credit must be issued by a Georgia depository. If the letter of credit is not issued by a Georgia depository, it must be confirmed by a Georgia depository.
  • It must be stated that the Georgia Self-Insurers Guaranty Trust Fund can present drafts and documents at a location in Georgia.
  • The language “and self-insured subsidiaries and affiliates, if any” must follow the applicant name everywhere it appears throughout the letter of credit.
  • The “Issuance Date” should be the date the bank issued the letter of credit.
  • The amount of the letter of credit should be the amount required by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation which was stated on an Order of the State Board.
  • Revisions to a letter of credit presently on file can be done by using an amendment.